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They respond well, and come up with solutions to fit our needs and help with consolidation to keep things simple for support and renewals.

Mike Utterback

MRC Customer for 5 years+, National Electric Coil

Mathcad is one of the software packages I use most frequently in my calculations. The support is excellent and very fast. Mathcad is one of the software packages I will be purchasing for my non work related projects.

Jimmy Don Rogers
MRC Customer for 5 years+
Laramore, Douglass and Popham

… My MathCad experience has always been very positive – problems resolved quickly. Renewals are seamless.

Thomas M. Grubbs
MRC Customer for 5 years+

The upfront honesty about my options was very much appreciated.

David Edwards
MRC Customer for roughly 2 years
DEE Engineering

… always been very courteous, helpful whenever I had S/W loading problems, and good at giving pointers on the phone and from webinars.

Hermann Altmann MRC Customer for 5 years+ HELM Industries, LLC

Installation support is almost instantaneous. The support staff is knowledgeable and easily articulate solutions to problems

Joseph Londino MRC Customer for 5 years+ University of Memphis

Great support and very prompt.

Pedro R. Figueredo, PE MRC Customer for 3 years+ Retired Boeing Aerospace Engineer

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