PTC Arbortext

Arbortext is perfect for Authors, Writers, Editors, Illustrators and all others who need the ability to manage and deliver product information in the user’s preferred language and format.

Arbortext® Editor™

Arbortext® Editor™ allows users to create and edit XML component-based content and assemblies, which makes editing and reusing easier. By using Arbortext® Editor™ users don’t consume time making the same changes to multiple copies or re-inputting text. With benefits such as reduced production costs, high-quality media-neutral content, productivity increase, and improved accuracy many find that Arbortext® Editor™ helps them produce high quality service and product information.

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Arbortext® IsoDraw®

Authors, Editors, Writers and Illustrators and Arbortext® users all enjoy the 2D technical illustrations and intelligent graphics that Arbortext® IsoDraw® delivers. With the ability to automate illustrations from scratch or 2D and 3D CAD systems these graphics and illustrations are used to optimize product and service information in the forms of the following:

  • Parts catalogs
  • Operator manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Training documents

Some benefits that Arbortext® IsoDraw® offers are:

  • Being able to produce animations and illustrations with real-time CAD data
  • Better Product Performance
  • Reduce the cost of illustration production

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