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PTC Windchill

Product Lifecycle Management Cloud (PLM for short) is a single powerful platform

PTC PLM Cloud offers many beneficial features for your company, some of which include:

Partner Collaboration – Engage both external and internal parties in a secure fashion.

CAD Document, and Change Management- Allows you to organize your business’ CAD data, documents, product changes, etc.

Project Management- Have the ability to manage not only your project but also demanding schedules.

Search with Indexing- This features allows you to find and reuse parts of a product.

With the PLM Cloud, you can also keep track of data, have no overwritten progress, access anywhere, and meet product deadlines. PTC’s PLM Cloud is capable of integrating with Non-PTC CAD Systems enabling you to improve your product proficiency no matter what CAD system you use.

Unlike regular Windchill, PLM Cloud stores your data in a secure service network that follows strict guidelines. By using PLM Cloud you no longer need a server that needs to be maintained by an IT department, PTC takes care of this for you.


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PDM Essentials

Windchill PDM Essentials is an already configured software package that helps CAD users improve their productiveness.  This solution is a “best fit” for customers with basic Mathcad and CREO data management needs. Some of the benefits PTC’s Windchill PDM Essentials Solution provides are:

Wizards that install and configure- This allows you to make the implementation of Windchill and other related software much simpler.

CAD Software revision and vaulting control that is centralized- With this benefit you can search, create product configuration reports, copy and reuse design data.

Team and Individual access levels- This feature enables you to manage permission to users and control access. With access levels, you can regulate who can make changes and when, while letting other users know about changes that are made. You can also ensure that all changes are approved and registered by coordinating a user review.

Publishing- With PDM Essentials you can schedule or automatically publish documents in formats other than PDF such as thumbnails and other design formats.

PDM Essentials is simple to install

It aides in improving progress by allowing users to save time in searching for information or documents and allowing you to repurpose certain designs. It lets users know which file is the most recent version.