With Creo Simulation Live

By now, you have probably heard of PTC’s partnership with Ansys the leader in engineering simulation. The collaboration between these two greats leverages the companies’ respective technology strengths and market presence. ANSYS developed its groundbreaking, real-time simulation solution, ANSYS Discovery Live, to further its strategy of Pervasive Engineering Simulation. This combined solution will give designers the power of Creo, the award-winning 3D CAD solution from PTC, fully integrated with ANSYS Discovery Live. Now you may be wondering; What is it? How does this benefit me? Do I need it?


What is it?

Creo Simulation Live is an adaptation of ANSYS Discovery Live, which works similarly with direct modeling software. The integration of these two leading solutions brings real-time analysis results for static structural, thermal and modal (vibration) simulation into the modeling environment, creating an interactive design experience. Creo Simulation Live is embedded natively in the parametric CAD modeler.


How does this benefit me?

Real-time simulation not only facilitates design analysis but also provides benefits such as:

  • Ease of use- With its intuitive menu, you don’t need to be an expert to use Simulation Live
  • Common data model- Created as a result of PTC and Ansys partnership
  • Powerful linear analysis- Instantaneous access to analysis results focus on refinement, speed, and interactivity 
  • Instantaneous results and feedback- Immediate feedback when applying changes to geometry allow for rapid design and development decisions
  • Resolve flaws- Identify and resolve design flaws early in the process when the cost and effort to implement change is low
  • Validate and optimize- Use analysis-led design to validate and optimize design integrity, function, performance, and cost
  • Eliminate and reduce- Eliminate reliance on prototypes and late-stage information while mitigating the risk of product failure, warranty, and liability


Do I need it?

Well ask yourself this, would you like to…?

Lower lifecycle cost? Eliminate product failures to reduce warranty and repair cost

Reduce time-to-market? Rapidly explore and find the optimal design solution

Design to realize price premium? Improve product quality and competitive differentiation

Increase quality and performance? Enable analysis-driven optimization

Reduce product development cost? Resolve design flaws early eliminating late state rework and scrap

If so we believe you should contact us to learn more about when the Simulation Live Early Access Program is available. You can also contact us to request a demo.

*Please note that MRC along providing personalized support to you and your team can also have your software purchase up and active in less than 72 hours. Unlike other vendors, MRC is centrally located which allows us to increase our speed and response to you.