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We’ve all been there! You are new to the program and don’t know its full functionality, or maybe you are stuck on a tricky programming problem. Whichever it is we all need help at some point and it isn’t on you to know all the answers.

With that in mind, there are many different sources you can rely on for assistance:

PTC Help Pages

A textbook that starts with the basics full of organized explanations and examples. You don’t have to follow it page by page if you’re already somewhat familiar with the software. When you click ahead in the table of contents you’ll soon find operators, vectors, matrices, and symbolics.  The Help Pages are a solid, comprehensive introduction to your PTC software.

PTC University

Full of videos and tutorials PTC University allows you to visually learn not just the basics but advanced functionality as well. Evenly-paced and with clear examples, PTC University allows you to easily follow along and repeat steps when necessary. You’ll learn about new features in your software.

PTC Community

Still stuck? Try posting your problem to PTC Community pages. Before you do that try searching to see if a similar question has already been posted. The community is full of PTC software users from various industries. Explain your trouble and you’ll have a supportive community assisting you.

PTC Blogs

You can also check out our blogs and PTC’s blogs which are dependable help sources. A quick scroll through our list of blogs and you’ll be shown a variety of PTC software techniques, best practices, etc.

PTC Support Center

If you are active and up-to-date on support you can always log into the Support Center. Use it as a reference for software documents, tutorials, training and filing cases for bugs.

PTC Outside Help Sources

There are other sources you can utilize to your advantage such as Quora and LinkedIn.  With Quora, you’re less likely to obtain a group of engineers who offer help but there is a following that is willing to assist.

In LinkedIn, once you are approved to join you’ll find a similar environment to PTC community pages. Although these are run by LinkedIn users you can find useful information, however, please remember that they are not moderated, affiliated with PTC.

In conclusion

Our last tip is to keep this source handy next time you need assistance with your PTC software. Remember, the PTC help sites are also accessible from within your software application. Click on the Resources tab to see the full list.


*Please know that MRC along providing personalized support to you and your team can also have your software purchase up and active in less than 72 hours. Unlike other vendors, MRC is centrally located which allows us to increase our speed and response to you.