We’ve all been there when you are miles away and you get a call from one of your technicians who is on a service call. They attempt to describe the situation but the connection is bad and you don’t have a visual of the machine. After multiple attempts, you realize you are going to have to drive to the site for what could possibly be a five-minute fix. In moments like this-  don’t you wish there was a solution that facilitated your assistance? Well in a way Vuforia Chalk was created just for that.

Vuforia chalk helps in situations in which training recruitment is required, repeat visits are necessary, multiple technicians are needed and highly complex products are involved. With its remote expert guidance, powerful AR technology with real-time video and chalk annotations that stick to physical objects when technicians move Vuforia Chalk takes service calls to another level. Additionally remote expert allows you to connect with your workforce to provide live guidance from anywhere.

Here are two ways that AR can increase productivity for maintenance and service teams.

Expert real-time guidance

As nearly one-quarter of the American workforce is estimated to approach retirement, service organizations are beginning to find creative ways to reduce turnover and retain the existing workforce while managing a collective knowledge transfer. Remote AR guidance allows this by giving experienced workers the ability to assist field technicians, without leaving their office environment. This virtual assistance establishes a lower-strain work model and can increase job satisfaction—particularly for aging workers who may not be as inclined to assume the high-mileage role of on-site genius.

While using an AR experience that converges the digital and physical worlds, the remote expert can view industrial products from the perspective of the field technician and annotate instructions in real-time within the same software. With AR, aging veteran workers no longer need to travel from site to site for service organizations to leverage their expertise. And field technicians benefit by having a go-to person for questions or issues that might pop up, making the entire team more flexible and productive.

Higher first-time fix rates

Everyone loses when field technicians need to make repeat maintenance /service related visits or bring in the extra resources to complete a call. Not only does the service team’s reputation take a hit, but so does the customer’s operations and margins due to prolonged equipment downtime.

Digital step-by-step instructions and remote expert guidance as tools, allow field technicians to service products faster and with more confidence, resulting in higher first-time fix rates. Completing procedures successfully the first time means that they can move onto the next job faster and have more time to cover additional calls. Service organizations benefit from happier customers who will be more likely to renew contracts.

In conclusion, Vuforia Chalk is a great tool that can be utilized to reduce service costs, accelerate technician training and scalability, improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

*Please know that MRC along providing personalized support to you and your team can also have your software purchase up and active in less than 72 hours. Unlike other vendors, MRC is centrally located which allows us to increase our speed and response to you.