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LEARN Subscription is a dedicated tool that enables you to accelerate your success with high-quality training and education. To help ensure you get the greatest benefits, courses are now live-taught by world-class instructors. PTCU has heavily invested in a variety of systems to support users through their training journey.

What is it?

Like a Netflix subscription, LEARN Subscription is a virtual instructor based unlimited training course. A different course runs three times a day, every day at 9 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. Not only does it have a set schedule in place but it also offers a curriculum with over 40 courses such as fundamental, advance and Creo Sim Live. Whether you are using Creo 4, 5 or 6 these courses allow instructors to show you the difference between the newest version and the version you are using. And the best part? LEARN Subscription provides certification both personal and fundamental, so it’s worth the investment.

What’s the setup?
  • PTCU’s team of instructional designers create eLearning and instructor-led training experiences instruction
  • The delivery team consists of instructors who bring with them real-world knowledge, with years of practical experience in their field such as engineering, CAD, etc
  • Class sizes are limited to under 12 students to ensure that each attendee benefits from interaction with their instructor and peers
  • Training is deployed in live lab environments, so you are able to directly interact with the latest PTCU technologies
  • The infrastructure includes virtual training systems, the Learning Management System, and Virtualize Lab Infrastructure
What are the Requirements?

You don’t need a powerful computer to access LEARN Subscription. Really, you can access it from any computer or web browser.

When do you use it?

Whenever you want, whether you have a new employee that needs training, are a veteran user that is looking to learn about the latest Creo or reviewing past material. With access to Creo’s full environment, you have full capacity, this means you can try and take a class on any topic, for example, say you are interested in the sheet metal extension- LEARN Subscription allows you to try and learn about it before purchasing the extension.

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