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Automatically run calculations on schedule

Do you run and report a daily calculation daily? Do you want to save time on this repetitive task? Well great, follow these 5 simple steps using Windows 7  and Mathcad Prime 4 to begin saving time and facilitating the process.

Create a worksheet

Start by creating a Mathcad Prime worksheet that reads an external file generated on a schedule, does a computation, and writes the result back to the same Excel sheet:






Mathcad computes the eigenvalues and writes them back in the same Excel sheet

Use the VB script

Next, you will need a Visual Basic script to run via Task Scheduler. PTC has already created this VB Script for the current worksheet (download the script here). To make it work for other worksheets, just open the script using Notepad and rename it.

The Script will do the following:

  • Launch Mathcad Prime ->
  • Load the worksheet previously created ->
  • Execute the worksheet ->
  • Wait a few seconds, and then close the worksheet and Mathcad Prime.

Create an assignment in Task Scheduler

After you have created the Mathcad worksheet and downloaded or edited the VB script, you need to tell the Task Scheduler that a new assignment is ready. To do so conduct the following steps:

  1. From Control Panel > Administrative tools, click the Task Scheduler tool.

  2. In the Actions panel, select Create Basic Task and type the Name and Description.
  3. Select the Trigger frequency.
  4. Enter a start time.
  5. Then load the VB script that will run the Mathcad worksheet and compute the data you need. Click Action > Start a Program and then enter the path to the script.

Now, that you have everything prepared, you can program the Mathcad worksheet to be an automated task that runs at a set time in Windows 7.

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