subs blog4During our most recent “All about PTC Subscription Questions & Answers session” , we came upon many similar questions asked by our customers. Here are just some examples of questions that were brought up, to listen to all of our Q&A session view our webcast here:

Q: What happens to the many perpetual licenses that we have already purchased in the past? How will those be handled?
A: For perpetual licenses you still own them, you can continue to pay for annual support. At the moment, perpetual licenses that have been off support for a significant amount of time (for more than a year) there is a program to trade-in your license for a discounted subscription rate.

Q: How will this affect the Mathcad licenses? Will these also become a subscription license?
A: Subscription licensing is now available for Mathcad as well as all PTC offering are available in subscription or perpetual licensing

Q: How will this change how we manage the licenses via the PTC portal? Will the “subscription license” be attached to a Host ID and will the customer only be able to install one time?
A: Subscription licenses will be managed and handled the same as perpetual. How the license file is created, will be determined by whether the license if locked or floating.  Similar to how perpetual licenses are currently handled, you can move licenses to machines within the subscription time frame. However subscription license files are timed (license will expire with subscription and need to be replaced upon renewal of license)

Q: I currently have a perpetual license, is it cheaper for me to go annual subscription or continue paying support annually?
A: In terms of cost if you are active and paying support, the dollar value is less than the annual subscription however if you are inactive on your perpetual license- depending on how long you have been off of the expired support which will be added to your reinstatement- if that’s the case it’ll be beneficial to do a cost analysis against subscription which we here at MRC are happy to assist with.

Please know that MRC along providing personalized support to you and your team, can also have your software purchase up and active in less than 72 hours. Unlike other vendors, MRC is centrally located which allows us to increase our speed and response to you.