PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad is an engineering math software that allows users to present calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images within a single document allowing for better documentation and organization.  Not only does PTC Mathcad keep your team organized, but it also includes live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculations to keep your team productive.

What’s New in Prime 8?

PTC Mathcad Premium Features

PTC Mathcad provides users the ease of exploring, communicating important information, validating and verifying their calculations, text, and images onto an interactive document. In order to do this PTC Mathcad has premium features, such as Solve Blocks, Symbolics, 3D Plotting, Programming, and many more that allow users to change parameters, represent results explicitly and symbolically, manipulate and adjust designs, form wild loops, among many other functions that facilitate changes in your design.

Mathcad Gateway

Mathcad Gateway allows you to share your calculations with those who need them while protecting your intellectual property. This gateway is a calculation server that provides authorized users with access to important information at any time while using the device of their preference. Mathcad Gateway users can calculate results while restricting access to the underlying algorithms

Key benefits of Mathcad Gateway:

  • Intellection Property Protection – Allow only authorized users to access and distribute information.
  • Universal Access – Access the calculations from anywhere, anytime.
  • Simple Integration – No special hardware or software is required.

Engineering Notebook

Engineering notebook is simply the integration that allows you to connect both Creo and Mathcad. This integration permits Mathcad worksheets to embed within Creo assembly model. These worksheets can be viewed and edited, changes are saved to Creo Model.

Three use cases that Engineering Notebook supports are:

  • Document Design: Allows you to define important values in engineering and document design while using embedded Mathcad worksheets.
  • Analysis Driven Design: Calculate using Mathcad while outputting values in Creo parts and assembly.
  • Verification & Validation: Create Mathcad calculations by using Creo parameters as “Input” variables.

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