What’s new with PRIME 5?



Have you ever had to stop mid progress because your units weren’t matching up, or error messages were popping up? 

Well, to make it easier Mathcad Prime 5 will provide an online product help center!  Just a simple drop-down menu for help- outside!  

That’s not all that Mathcad Prime 5 provides…

Prime 5 comes with THE CHART COMPONENT! An embedded application that allows you to create customized 2D Plots.  As easy clicking on “Chart Component” and entering your x and y-axis expressions. Double click on your graph to customize your:

Chart & Plot:
  • Background and border thickness, style, corners and colors (You can even make it a gradient color!)
  • Activate the “Legend” to decide the location, font, color, style, size of the legend its border and background
  • Add a title and choose its location, font, color, angle, border and background colors

Click to zoom in! 

X and Y axis:
  • Styles
    • Enable or disable Tick Marks-  with the option of changing the font, color, style, angle, and offset
    • Change the location of the arrow (left, right or both?)
    • Choose the color, style, and thickness
  • Gridlines
    • Choose the color, style, and thickness
  • Title
    • Label your title and choose its location, font, color, size, etc
    • Add a border and customize it
    • Choose a background color
  • Set-up
    • Control the range of your axis

Click to zoom in! 

Curves 1 and 2:
  • Styles
    • Customize your line, symbols, and area. Choose from various colors, shapes, weights, and more!
  • Setup
    • Enable setup to highlight the boundaries of the curve and label them

Click to zoom in! 

FAQs for Prime 5

Can you add a suffix or prefix to an active label? (i.e adding degrees)

Yes, you can use symbols but you need to copy and paste them to the field.

Is there a way to set-up a default format for your charts?

Yes, there are templates that can be set-up and once you decide what those formats are then you can create a default template and use that to apply to all your preferences and settings.

Are there global variables?

Yes, and they behave a little differently than Mathcad 15. In 15 you could define a global variable but they could be overwritten

In Prime 5, global variables behave more like constant- can’t overwrite them!

Are the legend placements - click and drag?

No, the legend placements aren’t click and drag. There are different available locations for the legends to be placed however they are pre-determined set locations.

Is there a second Y-axis?

 There is a second axis in Prime 5!

Have any more questions?