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Improve workflow with Creo Illustrate

Creo Illustrate is a technical illustration software that allows you to combine illustrations and CAD data to deliver configuration specific graphic information.It is used in many paths of product creation, such as design, development, marketing, and servicing beyond purchase. Examples of challenges Creo Illustrate solves include:

  • Difficulty finding and interpreting accurate product information
  • Long processes to create technical information- causes delays in product shipments
  • Illustrations easily become out of date or misrepresent final product configuration

Areas impacted:

  • Parts catalogs
  • Training manuals
  • Operation and work instructions

Creo Illustrate solves these issues and speeds up workflow by connecting to your CAD model or information coming directly from engineering. You can generate part lists and call out directly from CAD metadata to produce dynamic part lists. It uses simplified illustrations directly from 3D CAD data and brings that information into product and service information making it more accurate and trustworthy. You are able to bring in information from multiple different formats onto Creo Illustrate. The software is diverse, so you don’t need to reformat and it allows you to bring into one single illustration.

By using illustrations, Creo Illustrate can help you communicate more easily and stay consistent with configurations of products without a lot of textual edits. It also does not restrict you to one language/translation. With the right tools you can even connect and associate with CAD data- so both update when changes are made.

When using Creo Illustrate some benefits you will find are:

  • Increase service and parts accuracy and information
  • Repair and maintenance time accelerations
  • Product performance improvement
  • Reduce translation costs by using less text
    • Reduce overall time for creation of technical documentation- time to market
  • Enhanced customer experience
    • Use illustrations to increase understanding and usability of technical information
    • Improve product usability, adoption, and overall customer satisfaction

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