Cyber AI Analyst

Cyber AI Analyst is Darktrace’s AI investigation technology, which automatically triages, interprets, and reports on the full scope of security incidents.

A key feature of the immune system approach and enabled by artificial intelligence, Cyber AI Analyst can sift through large volumes of data at a speed and scale, augmenting human teams and buying back time to focus on strategic work. Its investigations are enterprise-wide, allowing the technology to piece together disparate anomalies before settling on a high-level conclusion about the nature, root cause, and extent of the wider security incident. This powerful analytical capability has been found to reduce triage time by up to 92%. Cyber AI Analyst applies various forms of artificial intelligence, including deep learning, as well as supervised machine learning on the ever-growing data set that captures how Darktrace’s human analysts investigate threats.

Key Benefits

Automates investigations at speed and scale
Mimics analyst intuition and continually investigates 100% of threats detected
Prioritizes the most relevant incidents

Surfaces and summarizes every urgent incident as it emerges

Writes reports in the form of a digestible narrative

Generates Incident Reports that immediately put teams in a position to take action

Reduces triage time
By up to 92%, buying back time so teams can focus on strategic work

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