Creo Piping and Cabling Extension

Creo PCX supports all industries and their particular styles of piping and cabling. It is the ideal solution for product designs with a complex web of cables or harnesses, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses. You name it, PCX can handle it!

Not only can it handle various intricate levels of design, it also minimizes errors by automating the capture of all relevant system information. It ensures design rules and schematic logic rules are enforced through specification driven-design. Its automated design capabilities make it easy to move components and connectors, without the need for re-routing wires and cables. Think of all the time you can save without the time-consuming tasks!

Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX) is the perfect 3D solution because it supports all types of industries and styles of piping and cabling, so you can streamline and accelerate the entire design process. Whether you’re designing products with a complex web of cables and harnesses, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, high and low-pressure tubing, copper work, or even large bore pipes, Creo PCX can handle the job, no matter how intricate.

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