Creo 4.0 is Now Available!

With its newest release, PTC Creo 4.0, the design software that allows you to create products, analyze, and share designs in 2D and 3D now has improved and implemented enhancements such as; additive manufacturing, MBD, core productivity enhancements, and smart connected product design to name a few.
Think differently. Be more productive. Design smarter.

Additive Manufacturing

Design, optimize, validate and print all within a single software. Additionally you can:
  1. Create parametrically controlled lattice structures
  2. Directly connect to 3D systems and Stratasys printers
  3. Track, validate and manage print jobs
  4. Improve rapid prototyping and more

Model- Based Definition (MBD)

MBD offers an efficient way for product developers to keep manufacturing information and other data within a 3D model, eliminating the need for 2D engineering drawings. Creo 4.0 also helps teams easily comply with MBD standards, even if they aren’t trained experts by guiding users through the Global Dimensioning & Tolerancing workflow.


Core Productivity Enhancements

The most productive release yet, with features such as a new intelligent mini-toolbar with the ability to customize the toolbar and work in the full-screen graphics area and a box selection to allow you to select the exact geometry or components you want. Other improvements include:
  1. New interaction workflow: increased productivity.
  2. Modeling enhancements: core modeling capabilities are better than ever.
  3. Materials library: more than 100 new materials available out-of-the-box.

Design Visualization

Creo 4.0 provides designers & engineers with a more efficient manner to produce better high- quality, realistic renderings. It also provides improvements to the core capability and the ability to share rendered images with partners without the hassle of including the IP used to create the images. 

Flexible Modeling Enhancements

Allows flexible modeling in sheetmetal, with the ability to edit bends, bend & corner reliefs, corner seams & forms, and more working with sheetmetal is much easier! 

Modeling enhancements 

Enhancements include:
  • Intelligent mirror for assemblies- Creo now ‘intelligently’ mirrors only those parts that should be mirrored.
  • Solid welds- Create welds as solid geometry with mass property information.
  • Materials library- There are more than 100 new materials available out-of-the-box.
  • Sketcher- Now significantly improved visibility of sketch and sketch entities, direct snapping to existing geometry. 

Smart, Connected Product Design

With Creo Product Insight, you can design digital sensors as an integral part of your CAD model and connect them, via PTC’s ThingWorx, to a product in the field. Now you’re driving your design process with facts, not assumptions.



Interested in Creo 4.0?