subs blogNow that we have described what subscription licensing is and how it differs from perpetual licensing you are probably wondering whether subscription is the ideal licensing for you and what the benefits this type of licensing provides. Subscription licensing is ideal and not limited to individuals or companies who are, let’s say, working on temporary projects, expanding tool sets or are looking to expand their customer base.

Temporary Projects
This licensing is ideal for those looking to purchase a license for temporary projects. For instance, if you pick up a project that needs 2 additional engineers for the next year, you can pick up 2 new subscription licenses for a lesser cost than that of one new perpetual license. Then after the project, simply close them out.

Expanding Tool Sets
If you’ve ever wondered about Advanced Assembly, or Surface Design, you can pick up a subscription for a year and try the tool out on your own time.  With subscription you are not locked into a 30- day window, and it allows you to expand your tool set.

Expand their Customer Base
Subscription licensing allows you to market to any customer(s), not just the ones your already acquired tool set will allow. For example, let’s say you’ve had experience with Simulation and Analysis software, but have had a hard time coming up with enough clients to cover the purchase. You can now advertise it and then quickly and cheaply pick up a subscription of the tool. It will be less expensive to obtain, and you don’t have to keep the license after the job is completed.

This being said, you can clearly start to see where this can be a huge benefit in the real world. Other advantages subscription licensing provides are:

You pay for only what you need, when you need it. Subscription allows your company to grow or change its capabilities as needed. For instance, existing perpetual customers can continue on support for existing licenses and buy additional licenses as subscription.

Cost Control
With subscription licensing, budgeting becomes easier when needing to scale up or down with users or functionality. It also allows you to balance your budget with predictable payment schedules. Subscription fees fall under operating budget costs and not capital budgeting, thus it’s usually easier to pay for. You can also see quicker ROI on subscription licensing purchases.

Additional Support Features
Features such as Connected Support and eLearning are now available for subscription only at no cost (for the length of the subscription license). Software updates are also included. An extension can be purchased as a Subscription to use with an existing Perpetual License

New promotions for subscription purchases
Currently MRC has a special program where you can trade in your old license at a discount for a subscription license. Contact MRC for details.

Please know that MRC along providing personalized support to you and your team, can also have your software purchase up and active in less than 72 hours. Unlike other vendors, MRC is centrally located which allows us to increase our speed and response to you.