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PTC Mathcad Prime is a software that values the time of the engineer and it enables you to enter your math and calculations in an effective manner. Mathcad Prime uses natural math notations that allows you to type your equations as you would write them on paper.  It also has many keyboard shortcuts for common functions and expressions, which minimize the use of the mouse and the need to navigate through the menu in order to find what you need. Other tips and tricks in Mathcad are:

Wrapping Equations

Sometimes when you use Mathcad to write down an equation, the expression that you use is too long to fit on the page and it needs to be broken on to multiple lines. This can be done by using the equation break shortcut

Ctrl + Shift + ” the operator ”

For example: If you want to break an expression and start with the next line with a minus sign you need to press Ctrl + Shift + ” – ”. The “minus” ( – ) can be replaced with “plus” ( + ),” multiplication” ( * ) or “division” ( / ) depending on your needs.

Matrix shortcuts

Entering a Matrix in PTC Mathcad has never been easier. Place the cursor on a blank space and click


This will insert a 1×1 matrix that you can expand.  Use these shortcuts to expand it:

Shift+Spacebar  adds columns.

Shift+Enter adds rows.

Make sure to type in the values after the size of the matrix has been specified.

Creating Range Variables

When it comes to defining the summation or product range, iterating solutions or plotting functions, you will need a range variable. Try these shortcuts:

To insert a range with the default step of one, press the period key twice.

To specify the step of the range, use the comma key.

after the size of the matrix has been specified.

Add the degree operator

This one is often used when working with angles. After you type the value of the angle,

Hold down the Alt key, and type 0176

and there you have it.

Want to give these shortcuts a go? Don’t have Mathcad? No problem, you can try Mathcad Prime free for 30-days!